Certificates and Neutralisation

One way to achieve CO2-neutral electricity consumption is to purchase certificates of certified green electricity. These certificates are designed to ensure that the electricity is generated 100% from renewable energies, and that the expansion of renewables is supported during the process. The certificates are regarded as a kind of quality labels which are only issued under certain conditions. However, there is a range of different types of certificates on the market and their quality is determined by the provider.

If one chooses this way of CO2 neutralization, the environmental benefits and countervailability are important criteria. This includes ensuring the benefits for the environment, the origin of the green electricity and the renewable energy projects that are supported. The "RenewablePlus" and the "OK-Power" label are certificates that have become recognised on the market for fulfilling these criteria.

Needless to say, there are some critical comments on this type of CO2 neutralization because their countervailability is not given solely by the use of high-quality labels. In the end, the purchase of certified green electricity is, compared to other possibilities, a relatively inexpensive way to achieve CO2-neutral electricity consumption. Recognised certificates are traded between 0.07 ct/kwh and 0.13 ct/kwh. Price advantages can be generated through the pool purchase of larger quantities. In addition, the effort for the companies to make the switch is manageable.


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