Questions concerning ZNU goes Zero

1. What does "ZNU goes Zero" mean?

2. What is the goal of ZNU goes Zero?

3. What political effect does ZNU goes Zero want to achieve?

4. What is the ZNU’s understanding of itself as a quality assurer?

5. What are the differences between ZNU goes Zero and other programs?

6. Why are so far only Scope 1 and 2 considered? What is the perspective in respect to Scope 3?

7. How are the ZNU-Standard Driving Sustainable Change and ZNU goes Zero connected?

8. Does the ZNU-Standard Driving Sustainable Change and ZNU goes Zero address all steps of the supply chain?

9. Which medium-sized companies participate already in ZNU goes Zero?

10. Is it an obligation to participate in ZNU goes Zero as member of the ZNU partner network?

11. How is the carbon neutrality tested and verified?

12. What does "net carbon neutrality" mean? What does CARBON NEUTRALITY+ mean?

13. Are the products of the partner company also carbon neutral if they participate in ZNU goes Zero?

14. How is greenwashing avoided?

15. Are there German compensation projects through which companies can offset their emissions?

16. How can partners maintain a vivid dialogue with the ZNU on further developments and progresses?

17. How can partners support the successful communication of ZNU goes Zero and when will the achievements of partners that are al-ready participating be published?

18. How is the ZNU prepared if, against all expectations, the PwC audit for Plant-for-the-Planet turns out be unfavourable?

19. The ZNU-Standard Driving Sustainable Change and the initiative ZNU goes Zero are so far better known in the B2B sector than in the B2C sector, what approaches are being taken to reach more publicity in the future?

20. Can anyone join ZNU goes Zero? Or is it an exclusive club?

21. What are the next steps?

Questions concerning the ZNU

22. Who is the ZNU – Centre for Sustainable Leadership?

23. Which companies participate in the ZNU network?

24. How is the ZNU financed?

25. What does the ZNU Advisory Board do and who are its members?

26. Who is the University Witten/Herdecke? What is the ZNU?

27. What is the ZNU Standard – Driving Sustainable Change?

Questions concerning Plant-for-the-Planet

28. What are the facts and figures of Plant-for-the-Planet?

29. Is a tree planted for every euro invested into the project? Is this externally verified

30. How will further transparency of the work of the foundation in Mexico be achieved?

31. Satellite images show already forest-covered areas in Campeche / Yucatán. Were any trees planted there?

32. Where does Plant-for-the-Planet plant its trees?

33. Each of the planted trees will absorb an average of 200 kg of CO2 during its lifetime. How do you know that?

34. What happens to the CO2 savings in the event of a natural disaster such as forest fires, floods or storm damage?

35. How long do the trees stand and how will they be used in the future?

36. Which trees does Plant-for-the-Planet plant?

37. Does Plant-for-the-Planet have sufficient capacities to plant enough trees to compensate the CO2 emissions for all its partners?

38. How are the trees protected (e.g. from illegal) clearing?

39. Why are the trees planted mainly in Mexico?

40. Does Plant-for-the-Planet also offer local tree planting campaigns in Germany?