FAQs on ZNU goes Zero

1. What does "ZNU goes Zero" mean?

2. What does climate-neutral "net zero" mean?

3. How is that target achived and verified?

4. How is greenwashing avoided?

5. What proof is required for the implementation of Steps 1-3?

6. Does that mean, their products are climate neutral?

7. Can everyone join in? Or is this just an exclusive club?

8. What in particular distinguishes climate neutrality with ZNU goes Zero?

Questions relating to the ZNU

9. Who is the ZNU – Center for sustainable leadership?

10. Which companies are involved in the ZNU Network?

Other Questions

11. Climate protection is not everything after all, sustainability is also about human rights, animal welfare, packaging etc., how does this go together?

12. Which political impact do we want to make?

13. What are the next steps?