ZNU statement on media criticism regarding Plant-for-the-Planet

Dear Sir or Madam,

with great regret we have taken note of the STERN article (29th of April, 2021) about Plant-for-the-Planet,

In a decided form it is presented that the Plant-for-the-Planet approach could be a dubious approach in summary. The article ends with: "Until today, they (the PWC assessors) have not yet started their work."

The STERN article and in particular this last sentence aims at the transparency offensive demanded for months by the ZNU, which must be carried out by Plant-for-the-Planet and is due to the ZEIT article (16.12.2020) now pressing more than ever. The contents of these transparency activities are not least the preparation of a certificate for the verification of the use of funds and planting protocols by an independent auditor (PwC) as well as the establishment of corresponding scientific committees for the verification of statements, e.g. on the CO2 sequestration capacity of trees or realistic growth rates of planted trees. So far, Plant-for-the-Planet has not extensively complied with the ZNU demands despite multiple follow-ups.

We at the ZNU have decided to suspend our relationship with Plant-for-the-Planet with immediate effect until the report of the auditing company (PwC) is made available to us. However, we explicitly reserve the right to terminate the relationship completely.

We have also recommended this procedure to the ZNU partner companies involved.

In principle, we stand for sound and credible climate protection with our 5-step ZNU goes Zero approach - as we always focus on "avoid and reduce" including green electricity and emphasize that only unavoidable CO2 emissions are to be compensated in a double procedure.