Climate Compensation

Compensation of unavoidable CO2 emissions

ZNU goes Zero follows the approach of voluntary compensation in the 5th and final step of the initiative. At this point, the unavoidable CO2 emissions of the ZNU partner companies are compensated (see Fig. 1: ZNU goes Zero - five steps to climate neutrality). After CO2 has already been avoided and reduced through various energy efficiency measures (steps 2 & 3), and electricity purchasing has been switched to "good green electricity" in step 4, the CO2 compensation of the unavoidable CO2 emissions finally takes effect in step 5 (Criteria according to UBA specifications p.32-40).

In addition, companies plant trees and support educational projects.

Fig. 1: ZNU goes Zero - five steps

ZNU goes Zero cooperates with the following service providers:

Plant-for-the-Planet Stiftung

Climate Partner GmbH

First Climate Markets AG

myclimate Deutschland gGmbH

South Pole carbon Asset Management AG