Net Carbon Neutrality

Compensation of unavoidable CO2 emissions

In Step 4, ZNU goes Zero follows the approach of voluntary CO2 compensation. Voluntary carbon compensation comes into play where greenhouse gases can no longer be avoided and reduced. Therefore, climate-friendly action must always be given priority over the compensation of unavoidable CO2 emissions. Voluntary CO2 compensation cannot "cleanse" behaviour that is harmful to the climate, nor can it act as a replacement for possible CO2 reduction efforts.
Companies in particular have an important role to play with regard to voluntary compensation, as they are an essential part of today's society and exert great influence. Moreover, in industrialised countries such as Germany companies and organisations - apart from the energy generation sector – are one of the largest CO2 emission contributors
(Criteria according to UBA specifications p.32-40).

Fig. 1: Step 4 - Net Carbon Neutrality